Mike's Blog Roundup

slacktivist: A toast to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council for arguing that drinking a beer while watching the Super Bowl is "substance


The Republican Noise machine has been truly disgusting over the Predatorgate scandal, but none more than Drudge. I'm sure you heard this too. The

What Will The FRC Say?

Jack Burkman registered with the Family Research Council in '01: (this is public information) "General Description: Non-profit commited to Pro

And You Thought It Was Over

And you thought it was over War on Christianity: Al Sharpton gets into it with Tony Perkins on Hardball today discussing this meme. And you thought i

Jumping The Afghanistan Ship

Talking about Abdul Rahman's plight, Tony Perkins on Countdown said: [media id=14879]-WMP [media id=14880]-QT Perkins: "Their constitiution and the

Playing The Blame Game

Max Blumenthal has this: Here's what Perkins had to say about FEMA in his daily newsletter, Washington Update: "There was a television show in the