may day

May Day Violence In Seattle

Watch: An otherwise peaceful day of protest was marred by a spate of violence at a Seattle May Day protest. Video: Protesters dressed in "Black-Bloc" clothing smashed windows on Capitol Hill, bottles were thrown at police officers who in turn used pepper spray, and blast balls -- a small firework-like device that creates a flash and a modest dose of pepper spray when they would not disperse.

May Day 2013: Chicago Schedule

Can't be in NYC for the May Day festivities? Chicago is holding May Day actions as well. Check the schedule of events and other information.

Occupy May Day 2013

Groups from around New York City are coming together this May Day to stand up for worker rights and immigrant rights, and fight back against the 1%. Join labor unions, the May 1st Coalition, immigrant rights groups, Occupy Wall Street and student groups as we come together and say Another World Is Possible!