N.J. Terrorist Hideout Actually NYPD Operation

. The above Youtube video contains the audio of a 911 call that the New York Police Department tried to keep secret. After over a year of requests, The Associated Press finally received access to a 911 tape the New York Police Department

Open Thread

An animation of an audio recording of James Joyce reading from Ulysses, courtesy of Poetry Animations. Happy Bloomsday! Arguably one of the gr

Bush, Camus, And 'The Stranger'

In order for the president's reading lists to be valuable, we have to believe the books are actually being read. Which is why this is so odd. On his

Easy To Hate

Arthur: "Several days ago, in a post entitled "Easy to Hate," I discussed a NYT story about fairly low-level immigration officials. The article desc

Mike's Blog Round Up

Pam's House Blend: You've got to be f**king kidding! KKK programming in Michigan?? The Crisis Papers has an "Anthology of the Best Political Opinion

The General And Harry Potter

Last night, the General stood in line at his local purveyor of heretical literature to buy the latest Harry Potter book. I thought I should read that