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The Victoria Jackson At #OWS Parody

I still can't figure out why Victoria Jackson posted that video. It was the best endorsement of Occupy Wall Street I've seen thus far. It's OK to be stupid, but not knowing you're stupid? That seems like a cruel way to exist...especially for

Mike's Blog Roundup

Vagabond Scholar: Jon Swift Memorial Roundup 2010 p m carpenter's commentary: No offense, but... Lean Left: A Working Man got somewhere in Washington Economist's View: Fannie, Freddie, and the Pain Caucus Mother Jones: The

Running Out Of Gas

I took this yesterday. Maybe it's higher today....I knew it was all ANWR's fault... On the Saturday Stock shows tomorrow---I'm sure the wall street

Mike's Blog Round Up

Agitprop: "Ex-White House Jesus Freak-in-Charge caught plagiarizing the Pope." Not making that up. Inarticulate Fumblings: Heterosexuality questionna

Murdoch Finds WSJ's Price

The Agonist: All that high-minded self-congratulations we heard from the Bancroft family the last couple of weeks about protecting the integrity of

Mike's Blog Round Up

Shakespeare's Sister: Shady business...it appears Exon/Mobil is waging a clandestine campaign against Al Gore....with the help of the firm that hired