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Mike's Blog Round Up

State of the Day: 16 more words Copeland Institute for Lower Learning: A Texas father refuses to help his son pay for college. Why? Because the son d

Ashcrofting The Hearing Room

"The Wall Street Journal has just reported that three Christian ministers claim to have snuck into a Senate hearing room in order to anoint the chairs

Mike's Blog Round Up

Junior's Speech: A few reactions...here, here, here, and here On living in a Police State: Wall Street Jackass, Billmon, War and Piece, Shakespeare's

FOIA On Military

Petrelis Files : ...In total, the three papers with daily circulations greater than one million--USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the New York T

WSJ And Those Pesky Eight Pages

The Wall Street journal are such heroes to the masses. They filed a motion to have the federal court unseal eight pages of redacted information that P

Paul Hackett Doing Well In The Polls

Today's Wall Street Journal Zogby Poll shows Ohio Iraq War Veteran Paul Hackett, Democrat, winning 44.2% to defeat sitting Senator Mike DeWine who gar

Memo Should Not Have Been Shared!

Raw Story nails it: "A classified State Department memo that may be pivotal to the CIA leak case made clear that information identifying an agent and