October Surprise

The October Surprise Romney Will Never Forget

This photo labled "Even out of fly-fishing season, Mitt was known to hone his angling skills among Detroit’s poor," shows his early disconnect from America's not-so-wealthy, taunting a homeless man with a dollar bill on a fishing line? It's damn near sociopathic.

The October Surprise Of 1980

The October Surprise - October 21-22, 1980 - news of the pending release of the 50 American hostages in Tehran and other news of the day - 8:00 am - 10:00 pm October 22, 1980

Mike's Blog Roundup

ProPublica: Chart: Medicare Drug Plan architects now drug company lobbyists Mad Kane’s Political Madness: Judge Walker's critics- divorced fro

Mike's Blog Round Up

A LIBERAL DOSE: While we're at it, let's not forget the story of little Jeffy at the White House...and speaking of houses, could there be anyt

War And Piece

October Surprise Predictions: Atrios and Digby have been mulling over what Rove has up his sleeve. Here's my bet: the Marines, assisted by the Iraqi