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Far-right Food Fight At Regnery

The right's biggest book publisher is apparently having trouble with some of the right's biggest authors. It could get ugly -- and for some of us, ent

Glenn's Greenwald # 1 On Amazon

"How Would a Patriot Act," hit # 1 on Amazon. Way to go! Click here If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet. It will be one of our C&L book cl

How Would A Patriot Act

Greenwald discusses his new book. We have nothing comparable to the right wing noise machine that gets their books out and promotes them endlessly. H

C&L Book Club

I've received many emails asking C&L to start a book club so here goes. I'll pick the novel this time and then in two weeks (is that enough time?

We Put Up Classified Blogads

They are much cheaper than the regular ads but only deal in text. I want to dump Google ads because they seem to like to run the Conservative Book Clu