november 2

November 2, 1975 - New York's Week From Hell.

News for the week ending November 2, 1975 - New York default. Fighting escalates in Beirut. Terrorist bombing in London restaurant. Anwar Sadat visits Washington for first time. Busing issue flares up. Karen Ann Quinlan and the right to die. Spain's Francisco Franco near death and the Senate begins hearings on the Intelligence community's domestic spying practices.

Midday Open Thread

Crooks and Liars readers helped to make this video. Back in November 2007, we ran the story boards for this ad here on the Open Thread, and C&L

Supporting The Troops, Bush-Style

C&Ler "Z" sent this link to a letter to the editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette: SUPPORT THE TROOPS Many soldiers missing out on Bush's stimul