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Hannity Concern Trolls And Invites Secession

So much cognitive disconnect, so little time. While Hannity, idiot that he is, suggests that the left is pushing SO HARD and radicalizing everyone SO MUCH (projection, Sean?) that the right wing might have no option but to just secede. And don't

Mike's Blog Round Up

Gin and Tacos: Conservatives' states benefit the most from the federal tax policies they often oppose. Shakesville: "Obama Racism/Muslim/Unpatriotic/


Howard Kurtz uses Michael Medved on CNN yesterday to analyze Obama's speech from Tuesday and to give his most expert and serious opinion on the situa

Six Inconvenient Logical Fallacies

So Michael Medved, semi-famous movie reviewer and radio host, who has of late morphed into a weird "Hollywood vs. America" right-wing concern troll,

Mike's Blog Round Up

(Due to technical difficulties, we didn't get a round up yesterday, so today, we get a SUPER round up! ~Nicole) Abortion concern trolls, human rights

Ignore The Concern Trolls

In today's New York Post, conservative columnist John Podhoretz offered some free advice to Democrats: In pursuit of a short-term political benef