May 31

May 31, 1942 - Formerly Cologne.

May 31, 1942. Reports on massive and devastating raid over Cologne and new RAF bombing policy. Germans claim retaking Kharkov. Fighting in Libya continues. Rommel aiming to take Tobruk, and attempting to cut off British supply lines at Suez. German Spring offensive starts. Former U.S. Production Chief during World War 1, Bernard Baruch, assumes role again. Mexico Declaration of War against Axis now target of sabotage.

May 31, 1978: Commies And The Economy.

News of the day for May 31, 1978. Skyrocketing inflation. Consumer prices suffer a hefty increase. NATO summit decries Communist involvement in Africa. Brezhnev reacts. Zaire fighting continues with French and Belgian troops while first contingent of Moroccan peacekeepers arrive. UN extends peacekeeping mission in the Golan Heights. Tuition Tax Credits proposed by Congress. Italian Opera rocked by financial scandal. And Knee-Capping comes to Berlin.