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WSJ's Stephens Calls Obama 'Putin's Poodle'

WSJ's Stephens Calls Obama 'Putin's Poodle'

Does anyone remember back when talking this way about our "commander in chief" would have right-wingers howling with cries of treason and calling anyone who dared to question the Bush administration traitors who do not love their country?

WSJ's Daniel Henninger: Obama Is Like A 'Left Wing Radio Host'

From this Saturday's The Journal Editorial Report on Fox, host Paul Gigot asks his panel what they expect from President Obama during his second term, and after the initial response from Jason Riley, saying that the president is going to be looking to fund his first term agenda, because "socialized medicine is expensive," fellow panelist Daniel Henninger threw out this stink bomb:

Peggy Noonan: Republicans Need To Expand Their Base

From this Saturday's Journal Editorial Report, Peggy Noonan, like a lot of other Republicans, are trying to figure out what the GOP should do to keep from suffering the kind of losses they did during this presidential election. Needless to say, like

Fox Plays The Angry Black Man Card To Attack President Obama

From this Saturday's <em>Journal Editorial Report</em>, after the Fox panel members spent some time weighing in on the latest polls and doing their best to get the audience pumped up about Mitt Romney's so-called "momentum" in the national poll and playing a portion of the President talking about Willard's "Romesia," the WSJ's Dorothy Rabinowitz decided to play the "angry black man" card to attack President Obama.

Fox Panel Pretends Mitt Romney Won't Be George W. Bush On Steroids

The Obama campaign has a new ad out titled "Worried" which points out that Mitt Romney would like to return us to the policies we had under George W. Bush, and naturally the panel members on Fox's the Journal Editorial Report did their best to try to pretend that wasn't true.