WSJ's Stephens Calls Obama 'Putin's Poodle'


Does anyone remember back when talking this way about our "commander in chief" would have right-wingers howling with cries of treason and calling anyone who dared to question the Bush administration traitors who do not love their country?

On this Saturday's The Journal Editorial Report -- where the lying liars who fill the op-ed pages of the Wall Street Journal with bile get a chance for a little air time on Fox as well -- their "foreign affairs columnist" Bret Stephens decided that -- right in the middle of the United States looking like they're making some headway with negotiating with Russia on Syria's chemical weapons -- this was a good time to lob off these insults.

STEPHENS: You remember how Tony Blair used to be described as Bush's poodle? Well now, the President Of the United States is Vladimir Putin's poodle, and might even be Assad's poodle, because this is going... whatever resolution there is will have to be negotiated, and the Russians, and Assad will be making demands.

We've been seeing Assad saying, my demand is that there be no arming of the Syrian rebels and no intervention. So we're going to get into this bizarre sort of Middle Eastern bazaar...

GIGOT: Bizaar...

STEPHENS: The bizarre bazaar if you will in which the United States will be held hostage of the whims of a tyrant whose gassing his own people, and his patron in Moscow, who now presumes to write op-eds in the New York Times, dictating the American president what he may or may not say in his speeches.

First off, I don't think Putin is controlling what President Obama says in his speeches. And second, can't these clowns even come up with something original for once with these ad hominem attacks? It's a terrible analogy to begin with and the fact that he had to go back and play the "see, I can call someone a poodle too" game is just really pathetic.

If you want to see something even more pathetic, go read the op-ed Stephens wrote last week where he's using what's been unfolding with Syria to do some massive turd-polishing for the Bush administration and making excuses for them lying the country into invading Iraq. What he fails to mention in there is that the reason people are questioning what's going on now is because Bush lied to us. Heaven forbid he should bother his readers with that pesky little fact though.

It's been pretty astounding to watch these right-wingers devolve to the point that Vladimir Putin is their new hero if it means getting their Obama derangement syndrome on, but there you have it folks. That's exactly where we are now. He somehow managed to refrain himself from calling the president "Putin's monkey" as Coulter did last week, but that's not saying much.

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