A Cautionary Tale: Tar Sands Oil And Health
An infant breathes from an inhaler after suffering respiratory problems following a tar sands pipeline accident in Mayflower, Arkansas. Image from: Genieve Long

A Cautionary Tale: Tar Sands Oil And Health

Plans to build the Keystone XL pipeline are on hold,but there are very few answers about the health risks involved in moving that kind of oil, as pipeline accidents in Michigan and Arkansas are demonstrating. WhoWhatWhy takes a look.

March 6, 1948 - Cold War And Filibuster.

March 6, 1948 - The Cold War and The Filibuster. Reports of communists infiltrating West German labor unions. Coup in Czechoslovakia. Palestine Partition left up to U.S. and USSR. Filibuster heating up on Capitol Hill, being led by Dixiecrats against Civil Rights legislation. Three Power Conference on Germany held in London without Soviet Union. Harry Bridges ousted as CIO President.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Unqualified Offerings: American culture, or the human race? Dissent: The Hundred Years' War over Toxic Chemicals. And let's remind everybody tha