Occupy Detroit: Taking Back Foreclosed Homes

Luke Rudkowski (@LukeWeAreChange) and Justin Wedes (@JustinWedes) talk to Brian O'Neal, Founder and Chairman of the Do Foundation about their work in Detroit, Michigan. Luke also gets a first hand look at foreclosed and abandoned homes

60 Minutes: Another Good Reason To Occupy Foreclosed Homes?

Yet another good reason to occupy the homes: Foreclosure thieves have gone high tech. They know when evictions are occurring because they're posted online. And they will follow the sheriff. They're usually there that afternoon or that evening. 60 Minutes looks at how people in Cleveland, Ohio are dealing with the growing blight left by foreclosure and the scavengers who prey on the vacant homes.

#OccupyNOLA Successfully Disrupt Foreclosure Sales

Survivors Village, a community group of former St. Bernard public housing residents and their allies, joined forces on Dec. 6, 2011 with recently evicted Occupy NOLA protestors to successfully disrupt a Sheriff’s sale of foreclosed