South Vietnam

May 11, 1975 - Evacuations And Takeovers.

May 11, 1975 - news for the week ending. Final evacuation from Cambodia. South Vietnamese refugees still pouring out of the country. Senator McGovern visits Cuba. OAS talks of lifting Cuban sanctions by Summer. Last two Marines killed in Vietnam still in Saigon. Laos faces Communist takeover. Egypt moves to clear Suez Canal of wrecked ships from 1976 War.

September 29, 1971 - Forty Years Ago Another War.

News of the day for September 29, 1971 - The Vietnam War heating up. President Thieu orders shoot-to-kill ahead of elections where he's the only candidate. Soviet spies in UK, Crime rate goes up. Hurricane Ginger about to come on shore. Freedom of the Press Commission hearings underway. Nixon visits families of POW-MIA's meeting in Washington.

May 11, 1975 Was The End Of A Testy Week

News of this week, ending May 11th in 1975. Evacuation of Cambodia, news of takeover of Cambodia by Khmer Rouge, Refugees heading to U.S., aftermath of fall of South Vietnam. 30th Anniversary of VE day and Egypt clears Suez Canal of wrecked ships from 1967 war in anticipation of re-opening the Canal.