HUAC Hearings

March 21, 1951 - Naming Names And Selective Amnesia.

March 21, 1951. N.Y. Crime Committee Hearings. Former Mayor-now Ambassador O'Dwyer grilled on cash payments. Korean War. U.S. troops advance to little resistance. 1,100 casualties this month. 56,000 casualties so far since it started. Call for joint meeting between Labor and Management. Deputy Foreign Ministers at Big 4 Conference in Paris reach no conclusions. HUAC Hearings start, focusing on Hollywood. And Government concludes it's case against three defendants in spy hearings. Defendant Julius Rosenberg denies any part in spy ring.

November 25, 1947 - A Cold War And The Hollywood Ten.

News of this day in history for November 25, 1947. Foreign Ministers conference in London. Soviet Union refuses to deal with Austrian and German treaties. Upcoming Parliamentary elections in England. 20% cut in Truman Foreign Aid package. Celebration in Tel-Aviv in anticipation of UN vote on Israeli statehood. France has first Woman Cabinet Minister. Oklahoma wheat crops finally get rain.

September 22, 1948 - Berlin, Campaign '48 And Commie Pigs . . .No, Really!

News of this day (September 22) in 1948. Berlin Airlift and increased Cold War tensions between the Allies and the Soviet Union. Campaign '48 gets underway with Dewey in New Mexico and Truman in Nevada. HUAC hearings over Atomic secrets. Governor Long calls emergency session of the Legislature to reinstate Truman on ballot over objections of State Rights/Dixiecrats who want Strom Thurmond on the ballot instead. And Tito's Yugoslavia has declared all raising of pigs to be done by the State and all Pork production to be controlled by the State.

Sixty Years Ago April Was All About This - 1951

Sixty Years Ago April Sounded Like This - the weeks news for the week ending on April 16th, 1951. HUAC Hearings and the Witch Hunt search for Communists. A U.S. Navy plane is shot down over the Baltic Sea and it intensified the Cold War, Thomas Dewey talks about Foreign Policy. Justice William O. Douglas goes on a book tour and Joe DiMaggio talks about the first day of Baseball.

The World Of Civil Rights In 1947

(Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall at the HUAC hearings - the circus was in town) [media id=17545] In 1947 the famous (or infamous) HUAC Hearings wer