David Walker

Morning Joe Millionaires Continue Their Demand That Obama Cut Social Safety Nets

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting really tired of watching a bunch of extremely rich pundits sit around and tell the rest of us that there just hasn't been enough shared sacrifice from the working class, the elderly and the poor yet in order to solve our deficit problem. But that's exactly what the viewers are treated to day after day on MSNBC's three hour long Villager conventional wisdom regurgitation-fest called Morning Joe.

David Walker Shows His True Colors, Endorses Romney

It seems that, as Susie formerly called him, Pete Peterson's pet dog, the smarmy David Walker, made his way back onto MSNBC this Friday and surprise, surprise, he's endorsing Mitt Romney. Color me not shocked, even though the media constantly tries

Here's Latest Version Of The Attack On Our Earned Benefits

Pete Peterson's pet dog, the smarmy David Walker, just appeared on MSNBC (or whatever they're calling it these days) to try to conflate the nation's economic problems with the debt so he can push "bipartisan" solutions like cutting Medicare and

Robert Reich: Wrong Time For Budget Cuts

John King brought in former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and the Peterson Group's David Walker to discuss the president's proposed cuts to the budget. Of course King couldn't pass up the opportunity to allow Washington's resident fear monger in