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Mission Creep Into Libya

I just don't get Tony Cordesman at times. Here he is mocking the short-term vision of the US, British, and French politicians relating to the fighting in Libya in an article he titles, "Will the Farce Stay With US?" American connoisseurs of

So Now Obama Wants Defense Reform

National Defense magazine reports that President Obama has recognized that our defense program is way overextended, and it's now time to develop long-term strategic objectives for national defense. Tweets Sandra Erwin, "Obama calls for fundamental

The Repub Penchant For War

SHORTER Lindsey Graham: "If we don't use American military power to overthrow Qaddafi, then the Iranians will never take us seriously about our threats to bomb their nuclear weapons infrastructure." Unbelievable. And I'm not even going to get

Costs Of War

Add a crashed F15E Strike Eagle to the bill of attacking Libya. It wasn't shot down, but rather "mechanical failures" are being blamed. I was just thinking, can you imagine the reaction if an F22 fighter had gone down? Oh, the agony of losing a

Neocons Want War With Libya

It ought not to be surprising that the neocon community, who only just sent a memo to the President three weeks ago calling for a no-fly zone over Libya, are now escalating the bid to call for a regime change in Libya. Again, from the FPI: On

No Global Zero For You

The Four Wise Men - George Schultz, Sam Nunn, Henry Kissinger, and William Perry - are in the Wall St Journal telling us how they believe we need a new doctrine for strategic deterrence in the post-Cold War era. It's a strange argument - it

"Pop-Centric" Warfare Still Kills People

I'm trying to absorb the news in the NYT today that "NATO" helicopters (probably Army Apaches) shot up a group of children who were picking up firewood near a forward operating base that was under fire by insurgents using a mortar. This FOB was in

Neocons Want More Blood

Following up on Heather's post about McCain and Lieberman's desire for action against Libya, the neocons are starting to chant for more action. In an amazing show of bravado, a group of forty political analysts, including more than a dozen former

Never Leaving Afghanistan

John Nagl and Nathaniel Fick, both of the Center for a New American Security, had an op-ed in last Sunday's NY Times. They're both former military officers, now big think-tank executives, and they decided to report on the Great Progress our armed

Playing Big Brother For The World

It really pains me to see this kind of idiotic policy-making in the Obama administration. If I heard about a GWB administration official saying, "hey, we ought to actively intercede in other countries anytime we see a potential shit-storm about to