Ed Schultz: Republicans Have A Bridge To Sell You

During this holiday weekend, when so many Americans are relying on our roads and bridges to get us across the country to celebrate with our friends and relatives, Ed Schultz took the Republicans to task for refusing to do something about our crumbling bridges and infrastructure.

Patriotic Millionaires' Message To Congress: 'Tax Me'

Some patriotic millionaires have a message for Congress: Ten years ago, Republicans made a mistake. They gave tax cuts to millionaires. They decided our country needed less money and millionaires needed more. Now our country doesn't

C&L Opening Bell: The Need For Alternative Economic Thinking

So a week or so ago, Freddie deBoer wrote a widely-cited post bemoaning the lack of an actual pro-labor left among most widely read liberal blogs. Instead what we have is mostly a neoliberal consensus that supports many of the same things that