Cold War

Widespread Ignorance In Congress About Nuclear Weapons

President Obama’s announcement this past week in Berlin that he will pursue reductions in massive U.S.-Russian Cold War nuclear arsenals met with vigorous opposition from many in Congress. But a new video released today by Global Zero shows that most members of Congress cannot think of any situation in which the United States should actually use its nuclear weapons – nor do they even know how many nuclear weapons the United States has.

Zakaria: Romney Picked Bad Time To Attack Obama's Foreign Policy

Fareed Zakaria read his recent article at Time Magazine during the opening of his show on CNN this Sunday and while I take issue with his idea of who the "experts" that Romney should be enlisting on foreign policy are, he's exactly right that Romney is doubling down on the very policies that have made President Obama unpopular -- our lopsided support for Israel and the use of drones to go after so-called terrorists.

June 21, 1955 - The UN Charter, Ten Years On.

June 21, 1955 - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations Charter. North Korean pilots defect to South Korea. Big Four Conference in Geneva scheduled for July greeted with enthusiastic anticipation. Winston Churchill welcomes softening of Cold War issues, but is still wary. CIO leader Walter Reuther rejects Auto industry plan for uniform negotiations. Eisenhower extends reciprocal trade agreements.

Newstalgia Reference Room - JFK In Paris - June 2, 1961

Newstalgia Reference Room- President Kennedy Visits Paris. On his way to the Vienna Summit, President Kennedy pays a visit to Charles DeGaulle to discuss French support of U.S. foreign policy. Wrap-up of days activities for June 2, 1961.