Anonymous Hacks Hundreds Of Chinese Government Sites

The Anonymous hacking group claims to have defaced almost 500 websites in China. Targets hit in the mass defacement included government sites, its official agencies, trade groups and many others. A message put on the hacked sites said

C&L's OccuPies Drive Is Still On!

When we first decided to raise money to by Occupiers some pizzas - we have NO IDEA there would be hundreds of encampments lasting this long. No joke. We thought it'd be a weekend. Couple of pizzas and DONE. Well, we were wrong. They are still there

Independent And Moderate Voters: What's A 'David Brooks?'

Let's get this out of the way: David Brooks and his colleague Tom Friedman are two of the biggest frauds in the world of punditry. Anyone who claims to speak on behalf of "moderate" and "independent" voters has no idea what they're talking about
C&L's Late Night Music Club With Sigur Ros

C&L's Late Night Music Club With Sigur Ros

Today was the first day of Fall, and I always find myself listening to Iceland's Sigur Ros at this time of year. This video is beautifully crafted and is an interesting take on the idea of 'growing up' . What music puts you in an autumnal mood?

Basing Your Economy On Stupid Bulls*** Is A Bad Idea

So these three graphs, in my non-expert opinion, show us exactly What's Wrong with America's Economy: The short version is this: We used to be a nation that saved more money, consumed fewer goods and produced more stuff. Generally