Scott McAdams

Great New Scott McAdams Ad (AKSen)

This is a terrific, upbeat, positive ad for Democrat Scott McAdams, who is a far better choice for Alaska Senator than Joe Miller. It introduces him, gives some background, and portrays him as a "regular guy." Spread the word.

Help Support Scott McAdams For Alaska-Sen

The surprising ascendance of Alaska-Sen to a real race this year seems to have caught everyone off-guard. With Teabagger Joe Miller's upset win in the republican primary the republican party itself must now grapple with a candidate who who is not

Joe Miller Calls Senator Lisa Murkowski A Whore?

I posted a bit about this latest Alaskan dust-up the other day but here's a recent local newscast from there on this as well. And since Jeanne Devon's blog (<a href="">The Mudflats</a>) features so prominently here's her take when the story broke: