Bernie Sanders: Tell President Obama Hands Off Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid

Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to be one of the stand-up guys in the Senate with telling it straight when it comes to the fact that Social Security does not add a dime to our deficit and that if President Obama wants to do something about the deficit, he needs to be cutting that corporate welfare, instead of talking about balancing the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable in our society and our veterans.

August 12, 1945 - Nail Biting.

(Some people stayed that way for days) [media id=17801] Over two days since the first false reports of a Japanese surrender and nothing but rumo

The Nervous World Of July 14, 1940

(The Battle Of Britain had begun) [media id=17523] With a goodly amount of censorship, correspondent Sigrid Schultz delivered news of the war from

Lil' Luke Still Uniformed

Lil' Luke told Andrea Mitchell that Mike Pence and Gov. Daniels had a great opportunity to get into the Senate election race now since Bayh just screwed the Democratic Party and decided to not run anymore. Lil' Luke was very excited about this