Barney Frank

Tell Gov. Deval Patrick To Appoint Barney Frank To Senate

I can't tell you the Tweety-like tingles I get at the thought of Elizabeth Warren and Barney Frank in the Senate together. It thrills my liberal heart to imagine to strong, stalwart progressives unafraid to speak out for the American people.

Barney Frank Petitions For John Kerry's Seat

(h/t Scarce) Oh Congress, Barney Frank just can't quit you! Although he announced that he would not seek re-election in 2012, Barney Frank didn't say that he would fade quietly into private life. To that end, he has made an intriguing proposal

'Fiscal Cliff' Deal In Jeopardy From House Republicans

House Republicans are pushing to amend the "fiscal cliff" deal that just passed in the Senate, but as Rep. Barney Frank told TPM, "if House Republicans amend the Senate bill to include spending cuts they'll effectively kill the deal.": "If they

Barney Frank: 'Myth Romney'

I am so going to miss Barney Frank in the House. He is just a fount of quips and great soundbytes and most importantly, an unapologetic liberal advocating for equality. Frank got to speak in the early hours of Thursday's DNC Convention, so