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Wrapping up Banned Books Week... Brave New World was removed from classroom in Miller, MO (1980), because it made promiscuous sex "look like fun."

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Happy Banned Books Week, everyone. Shown above is the children's book, "Daddy's Roommate," which allegedly raised the concerns of a mayor in Wasilla,

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Happy Banned Books Week. Perhaps it's not necessary to say to this particular crowd, that Catcher in the Rye has been banned a time or two. Oh, and

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Happy Banned Books Week. This news item from last year's commemoration. Fahrenheit 451 is the most recent selection in the NEA's "The Big Read" nati

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Happy Banned Books Week, everyone. The most challenged book of 2007 is And Tango Makes Three, a children's book based on a true story of two male pen

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(Guest blogged by NonnyMouse) It probably comes as no surprise to regular C&L readers to learn that I grew up in a liberal-minded household; alth

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The Paulson bailout proposal is a historic swindle. It provides the most help to the financial institutions that made the worst investment decisions,

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Martini Republic: Exclusive--National Intelligence Estimate (as redacted) supports Bush on Iraq! Senate Majority Project: GOP obstructionism on Iraq

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How is this format for MBR working out? Are you clicking through? Banned Books Week...Along with torturing POWs, imprisoning citizens indefinitely wi