Dan Webster

A C&L Happy Hour Toast To Dan Webster

Well, kind of. More like a happy hour as a giant middle finger to Dan Webster. We have a new glimpse at what the Christian-theocratic vision of America Dan Webster has in store for us: In 1991, career politician Daniel Webster introduced HB

BREAKING: Angry Toll Booth Collectors Endorse Dan Webster

What am I talking about? I'm talking about Alan Grayson's new ad, which I've got in a raw, fresh cut: Great frickin' ad. I see a lot of "Dan Webster wants to eat your children! Booga booga!" kinds of ads that even I, political junkie, just

FACT: Alan Grayson's New Ad Destroys Dan Webster

Alan Grayson's new ad, "The Facts", lays Dan Webster's ugly record on women's out for all to see: This year's crop of Senate candidates is filled with knuckle-draggers, but among House candidates, Dan Webster simply takes the cake. And it's