A Political, Musical Two-fer For You

Here's Camp Feingold's latest ad on what we need less- and more- of in Washington: It reminds me of something I read yesterady. I want to pull out a comment from Working Joe on yesterday's post: One of my long time friends is a Fox News

A Better November 3rd Is Just A Whiteboard Away

Here's Ron Johnson at the Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial board meeting on his plan, or lack thereof, to create jobs: The disastrous meeting overall is, it's said, likely to have thrown the Press-Gazette endorsement to Feingold- along with,

What Did Ron Johnson Know And When Did He Know It?

Hi all, I'm happy to be starting here today. You may know me from OpenLeft.com, where I mainly cover LGBT issues and organize netroots pro-equality action, but I also write about the Obama administration and broader progressive issues. I've also