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Larry Kudlow's Bizarre, Sloshed Interview With Jesse Watters

Larry Kudlow's Bizarre, Sloshed Interview With Jesse Watters

Trump's Director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow tells Fox's Jesse Watters that the administration doesn't control the Bureau of Labor Statistics while accusing Democrats of cognitive dissonance on income inequality in America.

Real Time Interviews NJ Tea Partiers Who Can't Name Which Government Programs Should Be Cut

On this Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher, documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi was once again sent out to do interviews for the show, this time in New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. After watching so many of these so-called "tea partiers" who were out there waving signs saying to keep the government's hands off of their Medicare, the responses here were not that surprising.

Fear, Loathing, And Faith-Based Politics

If Republican Mo Brooks wins Tuesday's contest for Alabama's fifth Congressional district, it will be for two reasons: (1) retail politics (2) Glenn Beck. I found two men at the Republican headquarters in Lauderdale County last Thursday. One of them

The Politics Of Rationalization

Joe Miller of Alaska thinks the election he's running in should not be held, government spending needs to be cut except for his farm subsidy, and unemployment compensation is unconstitutional except when his wife gets it. Like virtually all tea