2012 Elections

American Commitment: Of Koch, By Koch And For Koch

Now that the final FEC reports are in for Election 2012 and we can survey the damage, it's clear that the Kochtopus has grown, spread, and infected everything from state redistricting initiatives to the national races. In the process,

It's A Cold Turkey Day For The Tea Party

Susie Sampson surveys the frigid landscape of conservative hopes after the 2012 election. Oddly enough, her subjects do not seem to want to celebrate the coming of the Indians as immigrants to America. Hm. Line of the day: "Protection. I got

Can We Help The Would-Be Secessionists Pack?

The Tea Party folks -- to no one's great surprise -- are not taking their electoral defeat at the hands of a black man lying down. They're threatening to pack up their soccer ball and take it home. Of course, where they'll go once they're

Uncounted Votes Complicate Arizona Races

Voters in Arizona's Maricopa County encountered a series of problems when they tried to cast their ballots on Tuesday at their polling places. Via: Many complained about long waits for provisional ballots, which are given to those who

Newt's Dog Whistle: Obama Is 'Not A Real President'

Look, we knew even before he won election in 2008 that Republicans were going to spend the next four years delegitimizing Barack Obama. After all, that was what the whole Birther thing was about, right? Since then, of course, we've had a