filibuster reform

What's Next With Filibuster Reform?
Progressive activists worked together to pressure Sen. Harry Reid on filibuster reform.

What's Next With Filibuster Reform?

What happens after filibuster reform? With the right changes we could get progressive legislation passed, like expanding Social Security.

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Jack Welch Edition

The Lightbulb Guy might want to get an encyclopedia of logical fallacies out and look up <a href="">false equivalence</a>. First, I don't remember Democrats refusing vote on George W. Bush's choices to head federal agencies, just because they didn't like the agencies. Second, whatever you think about Democratic filibusters, they've generally represented <a href="">the majority view.</a> Third, any third grader could look at a chart of cloture votes <a href="">and see the difference. </a>