January 20, 2022

Kyrsten Sinema isn't just annoying. She's a dangerous narcissist who doesn't care about the looming threats to democracy. So she's willing to sell her vote as part of her insane belief that in the near future, she's destined to be president.

What planet does Kyrsten live on?

Watch as Republican flock to congratulate and thank her after she voted against suspending the filibuster rules last night.

She's that conceited girl who thinks she's entitled to the lead in the high school play. Via New York Magazine:

She was absent from the chamber for most of the final hour of debate where Democrats inveighed against the filibuster. Minutes after listening to Mitch McConnell’s speech, she slipped out of the chamber and returned with a bag of cough drops, from which she carefully unwrapped one and slipped under her face mask. Then as the roll call began, she prepared for her big moment. She reached into her overstuffed handbag and pulled out a brush she ran through her hair. Then, removing her mask, she applied a layer of powder to her face and carefully re-did her lipstick. Then she pressed the cough drop wrapper to her lips, letting the lozenge drop out and chasing it with a sip of water. She looked tense as senator after senator stood up to solemnly pronounce their vote, smoothing out the wrinkles in her sweater, until finally her name was called. She stood up erect, both hands on her desk, and shouted “aye.”

After the vote was over, Mitt Romney went over to Sinema and told her, “I respect your strength and character. Congratulations,” he recalled minutes later, and she replied, “Thank you.” The Republican senator, who voted twice to impeach Donald Trump, told Intelligencer that Sinema’s vote “was an act of an extraordinary political courage, the likes of which I have not seen in my political career.”

Her big moment. Brava! I'm surprised she didn't demand a dozen roses.


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