Abortion Clinic

Judge Keeps Mississippi's Only Abortion Clinic Open

No one, I repeat, no one cheers for the existence of abortion. However, it is still a legal practice that women may avail themselves of if they so choose. And until such time as men evolve the ability to conceive and carry a baby to place that

Republicans Love Really, Really, Really Big Government

As Rachel Maddow rightfully pointed out, Republicans love to rail against "big government" unless of course it means restricting women's access to health care and safe access to abortions. Then they just love really, really, really big

Does The Right To Life End At Birth?

This is not a conversation I am used to seeing in Alabama, but one I have long wanted to hear. When the new Republican House majority moved to vote on a bill that would make abortions illegal after the 20th week of gestation, Democrats filibustered.