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C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Arco Iris

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Arco Iris

Here's a band that isn't widely known in the U.S., but were popular in their native country of Argentina. Their best known accomplishment is essentially bringing rock music to Argentina, because what kind of country doesn't have rock music?

INFOGRAPHIC: 13 Oil Spills In 30 Days

Moving oil is a dirty business, and never has that been more clear than this past month. Since March 11, the global oil industry has had 13 spills on three continents. In North and South America alone, they’ve spilled more than a million gallons of oil and toxic chemicals – enough to fill two olympic-sized swimming pools.

Peru Uses Live Ammo On US-Owned Gold Mine Protesters, 5 Dead

The Peruvian government has declared a state of emergency in the mountain region of Cajamarca where thousands have gathered in recent days to protest the expansion of a gold mine owned by the U.S.-based Newmont Mining that is already the largest in South America.

'Anonymous' Crashes Interpol Website

They should have expected them. Interpol's website crashed for a short time yesterday due to an "Anonymous cyber-attack" after the international police agency announced they had arrested 25 suspected members of the hacktivist group in Europe

February 27, 1960 - Wedding Bells And Warning Shots.

February 27, 1960. Eisenhower arrives in Buenos Aires Princess Margaret engaged to Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Troops massed on Israel-Lebanon border. Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California. Senate in 11th day of Civil Rights debate. Global Range Ballistic Missiles in future. Pigeons and Starlings overtake Capitol Hill buildings.

February 9, 1945 - The Great Leap Eastward.

February 9, 1945 - 7 Allied armies advance along a 350 mile front from the Alps to Holland. Canadian 1st Army captures 14 towns. Russian Army launches new offensive against Breslau. Patton's 3rd Army now 8 miles inside Germany. Germans use Jet Fighters for first time. Germans reported to be escaping to neutral countries in droves with many heading to South America. Chinese launch successful counterattacks against Japanese in3 Provinces cutting off major Japanese supply lines. Pacific Front the move to recapture to Philippines continues and reports that Japanese have moved 177 American Prisoners of war including Gen. Wainright to Manchuria.