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David Cay Johnston: U.S. Is Redistributing Income - Up

The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur speaks to investigative journalist David Cay Johnston about the income inequality struggles in the United States and the fact that income is being redistributed, just the wrong way -- up.

Drive Off The Cliff: It's Really Better That Way

I love this clip from The Simpsons. It perfectly describes why Republicans and their attendant Villagers are pushing so hard and loudly to 'do a deal' before December 31st. Here's the money quote from Mr. Burns: Think of the economy as a car,

Donald Trump, Mitt Romney's Small Business Guy

Contrary to popular belief, there were some excellent moments for President Obama in the debate. Unlike his opponent, the president actually had some factual statements to make about our current tax structure, and used Donald Trump to illustrate the

What The Rich Don't Want You To Know About Taxes

Image from Bud Meyers. David Cay Johnston is perhaps the best-informed reporter in the country on tax policy, and he's been a one-man band for a long time, beating the drum for fairer taxes. If you're mad about corporations shirking taxes, check

Tax Compromise: Good, Bad And Ugly

When the president says this compromise satisfies no one, he really isn't kidding. But my question is whether it makes for good policy in the long run. My gut and my head say it doesn't, though it does have some extremely beneficial