Boris Yeltsin

April 24, 1998 - Yeltsin Gets His Way - McDougal Sits One Out - Firing Squads In Kigali.

April 24, 1998 - Yeltsin finally wins, gets Sergei Kiriyenko approved as new Prime Minister. First executions of convicted genocide perpetrators in Rwanda. Aid workers held hostage in Somalia released. Despite death of James Earl Ray, investigation of Martin Luther King assassination to continue. Merger talks and big promises from United Airlines and Delta Airlines. Labor disputes in Airline industry. Oj Simpson daughter Arnell busted on drunk driving in Los Angeles. Cost of Health Insurance premiums threaten to increase by double-digits.

October 27, 1995 - Ft. Bragg, Airbags And Give-Or-Take A Million Men.

News for this day in 1995. October 27th - Shooting at Ft. Bragg Army base kills one. Airbags suspected of not being safe for children not using seat belts. Boris Yeltsin in hospital. The Million Man March gets scrutinized over claim saying it could have been 600,000 or 1.1 million. And the Cleveland Indians are hanging on as Braves lead in 3-2 games of World Series.

August 19, 1991 - Coup In Russia.

News of the day for August 19, 1991 - Attempted coup in Moscow as hardliners attempt to take over the Russian government of Mikhail Gorbachev. On the 19th it was a breaking story.

December 15, 1995 - Breakthroughs And Stalemates.

News of the day for December 15, 1995 - The Whitewater affair, AIDS activist Jeff Getty gets first Baboon bone marrow cell transplant ever, Bosnia going through transition, Boris Yeltsin on upcoming elections in Russia, OJ Simpson civil trial - the day just started.