Michael Vick

ESPN Defends 'White Michael Vick' Photo

The author of a new article about Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in ESPN The Magazine says he was "dismayed and horrified" when he discovered that the publication had photoshopped the football star into a white man. "I didn't imagine that they

Charles Barkley: Tucker Carlson Is An 'Idiot'

Former basketball superstar Charles Barkley ripped into "nobody" Tucker Carlson Thursday for his attack on Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. "Now, I'm a Christian," Carlson had announced while guest hosting on Fox News last month. "I believe

Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick Should Have Been Executed

When President Barack Obama praised the NFL's Eagles for giving quarterback Michael Vick a second chance, it was inevitable that the pundits at Fox News would feign outrage. But no one could have predicted that one Fox News host would go as far