Mike's Blog Roundup

Facing South: Another disaster waiting? Shell Oil running "sister rig" in Gulf nearly identical to ill-fated Deepwater Horizon Sensen No Sen: IOKIYAR

You Can Tax My Health Benefits Too

I don't understand what the problem with this is: Yeah, Obama attacked John McCain for threatening to eliminate the tax exclusion for group health ins

Wanker Chait

What the heck is he talking about? Indeed, the big liberal blogs have a formal boycott against linking to TNR because they consider us the enemy on p

Complete Insanity

I knew Martin Peretz was pretty much out of touch with reality, but this post seals the deal. Listen up, TNR readers: Lieberman lost because of Bill C

Stoller Vs Chait

Matt Stoller was on "To the Point" and did a great job of explaining that the Lamont/Lieberman race is much more than just about the war. C