Marion Barry

Marion Barry Inserts Race Into Turkey Giveaway

Sigh. Former Washington DC Mayor and current Councilperson Marion Barry is no stranger to inserting atotally inappropriate racial element into fairly innocuous statements. And he did it again this week, spoiling an otherwise generous holiday

June 19, 1990 - "On The Threshold Of Major Change"

June 19,1990 - Hijacked Soviet plane lands in Helsinki. Gorbachev addresses fractured Communist Party. Nelson Mandela addresses audience in Toronto. First execution in Arkansas since 1964. Marion Barry trial proceeds. Rift in Solidarity Movement in Poland. Excalibur Hotel opens in Las Vegas.

February 15, 1990 - Another Day, Another Riot.

News of the day for February 15, 1990 - Pres. Bush (Sr.) visits Colombia, amidst massive security, the Marion Barry drug trial gets underway, Jesse Jackson visits Nelson Mandela in Soweto, South Africa adjusts, ethnic rioting in Tajikistan.