Romney: Women Should Support Me Because Of 'Romneycare'

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says that women should support him because of a health insurance law he passed as the governor of Massachusetts -- even though he has promised to repeal a similar law passed by President Barack

Ann Coulter Melts Down On Hannity's Show Over RomneyCare

Ann Coulter is angry. She's so angry even Sean Hannity is ducking for cover. She's so angry she doesn't care who knows she's angry, he doesn't care how loud she gets, and she doesn't care that she looks like a shrieking harpy in this segment,

Mitt Romney Just Made Rush Limbaugh's Head Explode

This may be the only Rush Limbaugh clip I can bear to hear twice. After Mitt's campaign answered the latest Obama ad by saying that the woman who died would have had health care under Romneycare, his conservative base lost their collective

Dick Durbin: 'Mitt Romney Is The Obamacare Daddy'

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin did a nice job of hammering home a few points about presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney on this Sunday's Face the Nation and I hope we see more Democrats continue to do the same. I don't think most average

Dems Break Fundraising Record

Mitt Romney wasn't the only one who raked in the donations after the Supreme Court deemed President Obama’s health-care legislation constitutional. Excited by the survival of President Obama’s health-care overhaul, 65,000 Democrats

Number 1 Reason GOP Won't 'Repeal And Replace': Mitt Romney

Yes, yes, you've all heard all the Republicans whine about how they're going to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act. You've heard them all shake their fists about this awful government-run plan, and how they're going to act posthaste to

Health Care Is Worst Where Republicans Poll Best

This week, GOP White House frontrunner Mitt Romney marked the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act by declaring the reform law the "national nightmare" he "always predicted." But leaving aside for the moment that Romney repeatedly