Elton Gallegly

Stealth Republican Vies For Gallegly's Seat

All politics is local, and my particular district is a battleground for the June 5th California open primary. Our Democratic candidate is Julia Brownley and the tea party corporate Republican is thug Young Gun Nominee Tony Strickland. Tony is

Elton Gallegly's Hypocrisy

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big believer in infrastructure, and I like it even more when infrastructure spending comes to my neck of the woods. This is especially true when the spending involves trains, and train crossings, and ways to make them

Redistricting, Up Close And Personal

This is a story about redistricting, local politics, and a lazy local newspaper. By now you have probably seen the ads here and elsewhere about what an incredibly dangerous man Elton Gallegly is, particularly since he is the chairman of the House

Elton Gallegly, Xenophobia, And Immigration Reform

Elton Gallegly's districtRep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) is one of those low-profile do-nothing Representatives in the House that manages to get re-elected over and over again because he represents a district which is changing, but still has its fair