Fukushima nuclear disaster

Whoops. Another Radioactive Water Leak In Fukushima!

This was the second time in 11 days they've had this kind of leak, so you might get the impression that the plant isn't all that stable. This sort of thing might also explain why the seaweed on the West Coast is testing so much higher for

TEPCO On Temperature Rise

Of course, if it wasn't coming from a company that has already lied, exaggerated or miscontrued so much important information, we could listen to their suggestion of a broken thermometer with a straight face: Concern is growing that the

Japan Announces Futuristic Farm On Site Of Tsunami Damage

Maybe I'm missing something, but if the place is too contaminated by radiation for humans to live there, why would anyone want food grown there? Why would the government encourage people to eat crops grown in radioactive soil? Japan is planning a

Report: Japan's Response To Fukushima Disaster Was A Mess

I have to think this is in our future, too. (After all, we're giving a loan guarantee to TEPCO to build a nuclear plant in Texas.) And it's pretty clear that when it comes to these corporate disasters, the financial needs of the corporations are