February 21, 1942 - Scorched Earth And Martial Law.

February 21, 1942 - Scorched Earth and Martial Law. News of the war not going well in the Pacific, worries of an invasion of Australia, Internment of Japanese-Americans living on West Coast of U.S. begins. Martial Law in Hawaii. Fall of Singapore. Sea battle off Bali. Attacks on Rangoon. Capitol Hill debate on War Powers Bill.

January 3, 1948 - On Top Of Everything, Snow.

News of the day, this day in history for January 3, 1948. Snow blankets much of country from Texas to Eastern Seaboard. France voting on anti-inflation bill. Guerrilla fighting in Greece. Palestine friction. India/Pakistan dispute. Burma wins independence from Britain.

March 30, 1942 - A War Going On.

News of the day for March 30, 1942 - War news on all fronts. The Raid on St. Nazaire, Russian advances, Fighting in Burma, U.S. Troops in Australia. News on proposed autonomy for India after the war. Martin Dies accuses committee chaired by VP Wallace of harboring Communists.


Yesterday in the Washington Post, Bill Kristol expressed frustration that the U.S. didn’t do more to help Burma. What about using our national powe

Burma Update: Monks Dying For Freedom

This video was produced by Witness in partnership with a Burmese justice group, The Peace Foundation: Burma Issues. It is one small but rare view insi