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Palin: Our Demise Will Be From 'Liberals Spending Too Much Money'

Even though Sarah Palin still hasn't declared that she's going to enter the 2012 GOP primary race, that didn't stop Sean Hannity from giving her the opportunity to throw a few flames at President Obama when she showed up at the Iowa State Fair this weekend.

Thom Hartmann: Corporate CEO's...job Makers Or Job Movers?

I caught Sherrod Brown talking economic sense for the United States the other day and the need to restore our manufacturing base and do something about putting Americans back to work. Here's Thom Hartmann on Russia Today addressing the real

Sen. Sherrod Brown On Manufacturing And Made In America

While our media is focusing on this debt ceiling debacle and debating whether our politicians might willingly default on America's debt through this crisis of their own making, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was on the Senate floor this week