Fetal Pain

GOP Mandates Medical Malpractice With New Abortion Laws

Few issues incite Republican fury like medical malpractice. For conservative ideologues, malpractice lawsuits are a double affront which interferes with the righteous operation of the free market while lining the pockets of trial lawyers who help fund the Democratic Party. All of which makes the GOP's latest wave of draconian abortion restrictions all the more disgusting.

GOP Still Mocking The "Health Of The Mother"

If for nothing else, you have to give the 2008 and 2012 GOP tickets for getting their lines straight. On Thursday, John McCain rejoined Mitt Romney in support of embattled Indiana Republican Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock. That McCain would

Republicans Threaten The 'Doctor-Patient Relationship'

For two decades, Republican opponents of health care reform have turned to a tried if untrue talking point. In 1994, GOP strategist Bill Kristol warned that "the Clinton Plan is damaging to the quality of American medicine and to the