OJ Simpson

January 27, 1996 - Standoffs.

News of this day, January 27, 1996. Police standoff at the mansion of John DuPont. Stop-gap Spending Bill passes - Bill Clinton happy - Newt not. A third government shutdown averted, until March 15. Whitewater probe continues with questioning of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton during Grand Jury hearing. OJ Simpson Civil Suit trial on hold. Anticipation of Super Bowl XXX high.

September 2, 1995 - Hall Of Fame, Hall Of Shame, Smoke And Mirrors.

News of the day for September 2, 1995 - Government wants to move location of Oklahoma City Bombing trial. Congressman Mel Reynolds to resign in light of underage sex scandal. China gets earful from Women's Conference in Beijing. The Rock n' Roll Hall Of Fame opens in Cleveland. Infinity pays $1.7 million in fines over Howard Stern. NATO taking a breather on bombing in Bosnia, despite continuing siege of Sarajevo and Greenpeace Protests French Nuclear testing in Pacific.

June 21, 1994 - Murder, Mayhem And A Very Sore Butt.

News of the day - aftermath of shooting spree on Fairchild Airforce Base near Spokane leaves 4 dead and 21 wounded. OJ Simpson case and the search for the murder weapon. Michael Fay leaves a Singapore Prison after his encounter with four lashes. Clinton's Healthcare Reform proposals at risk - Harry and Louise held responsible.Clinton also asks for public support to help defray his $2million dollar court costs for the WhiteWater and Paula Jones cases. Israel shells southern Lebanon town of Nabatya and Occidental Chemical settlement in Love Canal case.