Jake Davis On Life After Anonymous

Jake Davis, (aka "Topiary") one of the key figures of the '50 days of Lulz' and allegedly involved in the attacks on the CIA, the US Air Force, PBS, HBGary, Westboro Baptist Church and more plead guilty earlier this year, and is now on

Alleged 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested

A prominent member of the amorphous hacktivist collective Anonymous was reportedly turned informant by the FBI, leading to the arrest of five hackers in three countries. Prosecutors announced charges Tuesday against the men, spread across

Anonymous Calls Out Black Bloc 'Cowards'

Great video from Anonymous on the Black Bloc issue that details how Black Bloc tactics are hurting the Occupy movement. The video begins with images of the G8 in Montebello, Quebec where the Quebec Provincial Police infiltrated the demonstrators and tried to incite violence.

LulzSec Claims Hack Of Arizona Law Enforcement Info

Hmmm... I wonder if we'll be hearing anything about our buddy Sheriff Joe Arpaio with this news? LulzSec claims hack of Arizona law enforcement info: Hacking group LulzSec took aim at law enforcement in the state of Arizona on Thursday, saying