news broadcasts

April 17, 1994 - A Pause In Sieges.

April 17, 1994 - Bosnian Serbs agree to end siege of Gorazde. Peacekeepers take up positions. Bosnians release hostages. 17 year old to be tried as adult in murder of 3 co-workers. Midwest floods recede, except in Olive Branch Illinois. Minnie Pearl becomes first female comic inducted in the National Comedy Hall of Fame.

August 4, 1978 - The Stock Market, But Different.

News of the day for August 4, 1978 - the unemployment rate jumps to 6.2% - The stock market has a dramatic rise of over 23 points. Jimmy Carter selling his proposal to reform the Civil Service system, Flooding in Texas, Former UK Liberal Party Leader Jeremy Thorpe arrested for attempted murder. Sec. of State Cyrus Vance heading to Middle East and more talks. Border hostilities between Vietnam and Cambodia heating up and ther's a cement shortage in Southern California.

August 2, 1994 - Healthcare, Whitewater And Voodoo Lounge.

News of the day for August 2, 1994 - Sen. George Mitchell unveils his version of a Healthcare bill. The infamous Whitewater investigation continues. Primary voting for the 1994 off-year election was underway. The CIA was aware Aldrich Ames was a Russian spy three years before he was unmasked as one. Dysentery is replacing Cholera as an epidemic in Zaire. AIDS pandemic is threatening Asia. Wildfires are reeking havoc in the Northwest. The Rolling Stones launch their Voodoo Lounge tour and Cal Ripkin joins Lou Gehrig's record in playing 2,000 consecutive games.