Tammy Baldwin

Can Democrats Retake The House In 2014?

The House results on Election Day 2012 were the only bad things that happened in what was otherwise obviously a pretty great day for Democrats and progressives. The biggest question for 2014 is whether we can find a way of turning that result around. Part of the answer, of course, is dependent on how the economy is doing. If the pessimists are right and things are not looking good, we will lose seats not gain them. But even if the economy is okay, do we have a chance at being the House majority after the 2014 elections?

The Other Loser In 2012

It is so much better to win than to lose, and like all other Democrats I have spent a lot of happy hours since election day reading stories about all the right wing billionaires’ and Wall Street money that was wasted, and all the Republican

Beating Big Money

Democrats are taking a lot of pleasure, as they well should, that the tsunami of big money from Wall Street, the Koch brothers and other big oil magnates, Sheldon Adelson, and other big business millionaires did not end up buying the election. (The

The Gift That Just Keeps On Giving

Bless you, Mitt Romney. Please keep doing conference calls with your donors. An annual reunion isn't nearly enough, I think to stay really connected you should do conference calls once a week. And please, get out there on the speaking circuit, the

The Alignment Between Undecided And Base Voters

In elections this close, anyone who thinks they can be authoritative in knowing exactly what is going on is fooling themselves. This is an incredibly close election, and will remain so in the polling until Election Day. Last-minute efforts to

GOP Senate Hopes Slip-Slidin' Away. BWAHAHAHA

While Mitt Romney continues to dash the hopes of all but the most stalwart conservatives, the Senate is slipping from Republicans' grasp, state by state, drip by drip. Nate Silver has the latest: An unusually large number of Senate races

Bill-O Attacks Democratic Convention Speakers As Extremists

Bill O'Reilly used his Talking Points Memo segment Monday night to attack various speakers at the upcoming Democratic National Convention, and in particular Sandra Fluke and treat his viewers to a big heaping helping of projection and false

Tammy Baldwin's Cheddar Bomb

Although DC lobbyist Tommy Thompson is a little long in the tooth (and thought to be somewhat senile and confused by younger Republicans) to be running for a freshman seat in the Senate, that was hardly the biggest irony of the night-- nor was