Chase Bank

Occupy Atlanta: Take Back The Block

This video is from Occupy Atlanta, taken during their protests on Monday at local Chase Bank branch offices. The protests led to the arrests of 14 occupiers who say their efforts won't be deterred.

Elderly Civil Rights Activist Faces Foreclosure, Eviction

I've lost count of the number of reports I've read in recent years of an elderly person facing the trauma of losing their home to foreclosure and being taken by ambulance to the hospital on eviction day due to the effects of stress on their

Occupy Glen Iris: A Call To Occupy Homes

On December 6, 2011 members of Occupy Atlanta began occupying the front lawn of the Pittman family home at 404 Glen Iris Dr. Eloise Pittman was a retired school administrator who had lived in her home in the Old Fourth Ward since 1953. Over the last decade however, Ms. Pittman became the victim of multiple predatory loans...

Occupy The Boardroom Marches To The Banks

Have you heard about Occupy the Boardroom? A great group of people got together and tried to figure out how they could contribute to the Occupy Wall Street movement, and what they came up with was a way for the 99 percent to get their