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Job Creators

Al D'Amato: Obama 'Should Be Ashamed Of Himself' For Wanting To Raise Taxes On 'Job Creators'

Al D'Amato: Obama 'Should Be Ashamed Of Himself' For Wanting To Raise Taxes On 'Job Creators'

Fox News, Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, Jan. 18, 2015. Bartiromo and her panel members Judith Miller, Alfonse D'Amato and Ed Rollins opine over President Obama's upcoming State of the Union address, with former NY Sen. D'Amato telling President Obama he should be "ashamed of himself" for wanting to raise taxes on rich people and Wall Street, who he calls "job creators." Read more...
Respect My Authoritah!

Respect My Authoritah!

Regardless of the fact that it's been a recovery for the wheeler-dealers for a long time now, they've spent the Obama years sulking.

Robert Reich: Bedford Falls Or Pottersville?

Go read the whole thing, but I wanted to share at least this portion of Robert Reich's post from this Saturday: Bedford Falls or Pottersville?: But we are still in danger of the “Pottersville” Capra saw as the consequence of what happens

Colbert On Romney Calling President Obama Out Of Touch

Stephen Colbert had a bit of fun with GOP presidential candidate 'Rmoney' after his comments that President Obama didn't get the message from Wisconsin about cutting teachers and firefighters. COLBERT: Well said. Obama is totally out of touch.

Myth McConnell

In the wake of the debt-ceiling crisis he helped manufacture last summer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell boasted it was "a hostage that's worth ransoming" which "also is a new template" for the future. As it turns out, those threats were